Nevero de sierra nevada


2001 - 2008
78 X 61 cm.

In time of "climatic changes", January has awakened and it snows !.
The whitewashing of the wall competes for the intensity of light with the reflection that snow provides. I feel cool, I do not have thirst, invites me to rest.
Lying on it, the snow covered his body with suit decorated to the detail, handkerchief and traditional hat. He baton of "command", before defense, has become help to travel roads. Belting to the belt somewhat careless at the closure.
Frowning brow, deep, tired observer.
It is your task to climb the mountain and transport the snow, on the back of donkey, even the homes because the ice bar is still far away or the fridge.
Already in the city, surrounds his life.
Next to the source of the Hazel it falls in the form of a jet that relieves the beast or the countryman, and with the excess it soaks the stone  and moistens the song.
Live work, it is light and water.

            Dr. Abad