¿ Periodismo ?

87 X 51 cm.

The highway to the eternity of the media.
If it is admitted that the journalist treats and interprets the information, the privacy or presumption of innocence can no longer be preserved.
Blood, sweat and tears.
The gallows the way to the objective, the level of audience prevailing.
How much vexation destroys lives!
Today, how much revisionism is today, when will they be able to sanction some of their behaviors?

"The incorrigible lightness and meanness of some people of this country, where lies and slander are used to the extent of their ambition ..."
                                      Ramón Serrano Suñer (Foreword to Dionisio Ridruejo) 1976.

How many more years must pass to be faithful to events and truth?

Dr. Abad.