Misterio del interior

1998 - 2009
97 X 60 cm.

Remembering civil events throughout our life, the hardest to assume, the most unworthy that the human species can be attributed is the cruelty and murder of a person justified in the identity requirement of a collective.
His intelligent listening deployed the force to banish dungeons to the greatest representation of the slavery of our weather.
For once there was a unanimous clamor in repudiating such a vile act and never so many hopes were united with the same goal, that the uncertainty and the agony will end.
He did not give in to the blackmail of the criminals.
The law was applied with boldness.
Today he warns that any dialogue is a hoax to achieve maintain extortion and rearmament.
On alert with inner betrayal!
What is the mystery that degrades their actions?
Let's occupy his space in freedom.

                  Dr. Abad

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