Patio de  los leones  Alhambra Granada


2002 - 2009
122 X 75 cm.

They say that there were many who meticulously dedicated his knowledge to achieve so much wealth ...
The intensity of light. The range of colors in the filigree on ceilings and arcades
You have achieved one by one to repeat those steps as second creator.
What awesomeness!
When they see it, memories. They remember meetings on vacation,
Pages of History and Art books, destination of some excursion school.
I have the privilege of telling you today how you were at your origin.
It smells of earth, the temperature softens and the drip of water delivery to the pleasant sensation of rest.
It invites to a prolonged conversation, to the reading without interruptions, to the magnificent observation of something unrepeatable.
Everything is splendor.
How many hours dedicated ?. Accounted for the effort in detail, an impossible.
Make reality what human neglect deteriorates, a goal.
Wonder of the world, dream and magic.
Intentional forgetfulness returns. Who is willing to protect it of the pillage?.
Me, being as beautiful as you are, I love you unforgettable ...

            Dr. Abad