2009  -  2011
90 X 75 cm.


Before us a deep horizon without alternative. Large deposit formations.
Bald eruption of an immense volcanic crater, surrounded by ash.
Everything is reduced to gray dust.
They are accomplished facts that are reaffirmed .
Their objective, the greatest rejection of a situation why our society goes through without reacting
All the characters are revolving.
Decadent justice, in tow from political power.
Terrorism that kills, used to change spaces in the great amphitheater of the Congress, occupied under suspicion.
Christianity to defeat as a force, origin and culture.
Unions to entrap their own arks, with a blind eye to huge unemployed.
Destruction of life, cruelty to the unborn.
Vipers that have managed to control our existence, as in Eden, under the notes of an evil enlightened charming snake, and in front of him our misfortune of a hidden one.
Stage, our history.
The Great Theater of Spain.

                    Dr. Abad