1996  -  2010
40 X 54 cm.

How many moments when traveling.
Between the dignity of the one who expects his situation to change and oblivion in a dissociated personality that has lost everything course.
Misguided stories. Lives apart. Lack of support, despair in the tunnel of the abyss.
Smiles forced at one time transformed into tears.
Heat of alcohol and not of home. They seek in their decrepitude the vain help from those who look away.
Trees malnourished of life. Misery game, goal of adult charity in the hands of children who do not understand more what of currency to the poor.
Firm gray, world of sidewalks. Busy corners, posters that relieve explanations.
A spiral that extends as welfare grows. Two linked lines that do not see a beginning or end.

                  Dr. Abad