Sin duda el primero

120 X 100 cm.

For a moment I was a protagonist.
You have received so many new sensations with me that no you can stop being special.
It seems a lie, but from you and your existence I have could live the feeling of pride, satisfaction of a new creation, fear and courage in letting you know, and to the bitter pain and anger because of the manifest ignorance of world that surrounds you.
Thank you, because I have felt the long-awaited identification with your
Creator, you eliminated jealousy and now without a doubt you are unique.
You arrive as the first of an unknown and present yourself majestic and proud before some irremovable pieces that they dilute in the dark.
Besides being my story, you tell us about someone unknown that you may have seen for the first time time, to whom an animal faithful to work helps, or perhaps a of so many other times that he has come to enjoy you going into a wonderful reality that explores.
That has been for me, an exploration that has made me to feel hard what I adore you.

MONCHOLC, until today. P. 78.
                   Dra. Abad.