Torre de las damas Alhambra  Granada

90 X 61 cm.


Two are the first sensations, the intensity of light and the coolness of the water.

 From viewpoint to viewpoint, in my privileged place, I see a heaven for two
stays, back on the mountain, a path gained to nature surrounds the
peasant dwellings, and there, grandiose tower, surrounded by ponds
where the smell of nenuphar and magnolias intoxicates the sound of the gurgling
Something silent must have escaped this paradise that attracted them.
They added to their beauty, between lattices and palm trees, an oasis of rest.

 How many times have I thought to wake up in a dawn and run down
between the water to wait for the first rays of the sun to come.
 I would be dreaming like now.

 Silence, listen to your music and get drunk on its aroma.

 Dra. Abad