Las cloacas del poder

1997  -  2004
52 X 70 cm.

Dirty underground world.
Trap by size access, plunges us into the darkness of new turbid years. The light leaves some background clarity in an enclosure always taken by individuals with unknown scruples.
The decision of the bird, in clear representation of those who facilitate changes in the "central command", has reached the largest of its doubts.
Everything is wet, gloomy, slippery, signs of deterioration, patched, no matter how, and point of support.
And if we approach, with risk to notice this horror in detail, there are hundreds of tiles that support the passage to the rhythm  of thousands of missing.
A virtual reality would appear before our eyes if those two trapdoors will close and bury without turning back the events linked to terror, ignominy, theft and slander.

            Dra. Abad