110 X 70 cm.

A good characteristic is the clever idea of ​​showing us the reality, enjoy an ingenious spark or funny mockery.
Together they bring us the scene of a Walt movie
Disney. And it's because when I look at this work I always remember the distinguished super duck enjoying his rest deserved by the tremendous work done, I remember, I say, the philosophy of the three
Dumbo birds of prey. You should remember it.
Good table after a good "bath" of relaxation.
On a branch, main axis, this imperial eagle has taken the place of the ancient inhabitants.
If I did not see you always, you would tell me great events.
Now I'm still on the other side, on the sidewalk opposite, behind the fence, keeping safe distances. In that year you represented the illusion of a group of enthusiastic petitioners of the equality of all
Before the Law. It has rained a lot. Under the storm and on the ground, puddles are the reflection of what has remained.
One, two, in a row, the autonomic representation awaits the consideration of your identity.
They rest, reward an effort that I have not known how to recognize.

MONCHOLC, until today. P. 106.
                     Dra. Abad