55 x 77 cm.

Family afternoons
Even a seagull had found its cursed place
for the ducks.
Palm trees of real bearing, dates like prized delicacy
of the desert in contrast to this verjel, its leaves,
Covers to reach white and gold, are enriched
with the hand of man for Palm Sunday,
as are all the pieces that the
protagonist of our work, a decked ass, as
was Sancho's partner, today protected from the
The title introduces us to the art of making pots of
clay, molded on a lathe with our hands and we
indicates the sales position. Even today in some towns
of our geography the donkey transits loaded with pieces
as a sign of its itinerant character.
He comes to us to examine it, as good
merchant draws us with the wealth of ornaments and the
variety of its objects.
As if it were a crystal, the soil makes us
showcase, and when approaching, millimeter by millimeter there is a
message of light and color that leads us to give you time
without measure.

  Dra. Abad.