Partido popular

64 x 37 cm.


Today, between brushes, fruits to start the day and a slender palm tree
of interior, you are the chosen one. Many, around you, wait for turn,
but at this moment you stand out as the first alternative.
Knight unknown in the contest. Work loaded with simplicity and
expression three basic data:
  An emblem.- Winds of freedom transport it, on the road it
they have been frozen. They do not react to events,
he hopes they clean the atmosphere and they still slow down in the last
moment. What happens?.
  A building.- Robust, on secure pillars, presents itself proud. His
exterior without a hint of cracks, lets see through its crystals
turbulence, storms on one and another floor. Its not calm
inside. Changes, intrigues, dominions of power that do not stop.
  Knives.-They hurt, they infiltrate him. They try to open and crack
your strength.
They are well installed, they have to leave.
Avoid the scars that would lose their harmony.
MONCHOLC, until today.  P.112
Dra. Abad.