64 X 50 cm.

How does it feel to see this work? All.
It does not go unnoticed because it involves the translation of many feelings. How it draws our attention, we must decide what that we are able to stop and observe it.
At first glance two calls, his intense color and a woman.
I have to admit that the most wonderful thing in this work is the dialogue that is established between the figure and the color itself.
My advantage is to have managed to get into the communication of the color.
That is the desire of the one who lives the painting day by day.
To "understand" a work you have to talk to her. She is there.
Our first thought, comment or observation. What has been? With a nude we may still have shame for recognize it but it is beautiful, outstanding, a desire, its intense
vitality. Looking at you reveals beauty, its harmony. The color
BEAUTY defines us.
Images, on the other side, are also recreated with it.
And those images are observers of a reality that has previously been wish. We are part of them without realizing it, enjoy of your call!.
No more words. Let's go back to our feelings.

MONCHOLC, until today.  P. 82.
                   Dra. Abad