Misterio de transportes

103 X 60 cm.

A.V.E., Cesar, those who surely do not use it greet you.
I find myself before a new show, and, before giving the
I jump to the adventure, from the sidelines of my sidewalk the rules they force not to pass. A tiny doll gives me the warning.
Suggestions, outside the premises, in a mailbox. Little use, non-returnable paper basket.
Cleaning indicator, little is used to deposit the garbage.
A prominent place, the view goes up and down, we represented in the flag.
We serve as shield to the leaders.
Work multiplied, twelve works of own identity.
His access is gloomy. We can not see the inside through the windows of both margins but the central, incomplete or absent I imagine them as our
different regions that demand in their own identity the same attention.
Budget cuts are not fair.
The Spaniards, it was said not long ago, were carriers of eternal values, and now the shipments are eternalized according to value each Spanish.
Playful picture, of course, also tells us: "Come ..., if you can".

MONCHOLC, until today. P. 114.
      Dra. Abad.