Ministerio de justicia

65 x 90 cm.

It has a ruinous aspect, begin to express what infuses
It costs when it's not nice.
I feel sadness and disgust. I should watch over the security
of man, to be free. It should be protection, but believe in
looking at what is in front of our eyes is an effort
that is only overcome wishing to find something new after the other
A large portal presents us, under the laureate sign, some
symbols that have fallen. Bars that separate from the real world,
isolated so that they do not bother, they should not recover. In its
abominable world find the cheap way out.
Blood and tears that are not heard.
Silence, do not bother. What more do you want if you have a house,
food and sleep for sure ?. Fictitious dream, lost hours, cheat you.
It goes out, it spreads like a flood. Its interior is
spotted, those who can see do not want.
Stay stocked and forgotten or look for the exit.

MONCHOLC, until today. P. 104.
Dra. Abad