Misterio de hacienda

103 X 60 cm.

The great battle of money.
A building absent because only the interest of its main door, access to public excesses, it has sufficient strength.
Prisoners of the ticket, there where there is. The emblem follows dominating, extends its tentacles to receive or bestow perks.
I have a chill sensation when I see how it is consumed in flames everything around him. What sustains power? Wealth and abandonment.
Moral impoverishment places barriers that help to ignore which is obvious.
Everything is founded on the river of greed.
The hardness of his message is based on the beauty of its content.
An extraordinary game of light and shadow exalts the reliefs of his facade.
In its first third, behind the balcony, the suggestive figure, a shelf or perhaps the static image of the robotic official.
At medium, under canopy, the darkness of the inaccessible.
Finally, in earth, misery recalls the other reality.
Mercy to silence, cold and ignorance.
A work that requires detail, so you can assess its meaning.
At the beginning, wrong. It brings us closer to the world, there is no respite.

MONCHOLC, until today. P. 116.
                  Dr. Abad.