Patio de lindaraja


52 x 80 cm.

    A path brings us back to the past.
    The need for rest, refuge in silence only altered by
    nature. We sit down to enjoy everyone and everyone
    the senses. They are the same bricks that saw the centuries of
    changes in this patio. That speak of who raised them and of the
    plants that covered them, the days of wind and water, cold and
    snow. I hear the drip of water and I smell orange blossom and boxwood
    at my step hand for its thickness. The birds, sparrows today and who
    knows once, they encourage us in curious talk in the shade of these glasses
    In this quiet place, full of light, color and water, leaf,
    fixing our eyes we merged in the backwater of the fountain to a
    time of our history. Maybe Irving is waiting to tell us
    more things.

     Dra. Abad.