Ayuntamiento de Madrid

80 X 122 cm.

In order to describe it, I had to see it during the night.
It's a quarter to twelve. Our arrival is surrounded of light. Green, amber, red. Pass cars, couples
Hurry your last moments, maybe it can rain.
What we see?. Contrasts
We know, when looking, where we are. We know it well a magnificent 17th-century Herrerian-Baroque building, forced road of a walk in Madrid.
Night is the hour of confessions.
Suddenly the laughter is lost, they rest.
On their pedestal, they have chosen a safe place. Are the stars of this hour. A knot of bitterness for them, because we have done to them and ...
Welcome everyone and the misery that you know about  drugs, begging, marginalization.
Madrid always says Yes !.
It's four-thirty in the morning, a jet offresh water reminds us to keep going.

MONCHOLC, until today. P. 118.
      Dra. Abad