Mirador del partal


2000 - 2004
68 X 48 cm.

Hidden corner. Hiding place. To look and explore.
Pond.  Water from the fountain at ground level.  Splashing.
A sound, the melody of the water in the groove.
Screams, laughs and jumps. They splash.
You'll see mom, the pants and the shoes have been wet!.
Come run. Two by two, one at a time.
I put them down!
I'm not worth it, I get the shoe. Wait tie me the laces.
Jo! Where are you?
Stairs up or down, in both directions.
They look out on the railing.
Crouch down! they can see us.
Come on, I can not find you. Look, he's sitting, he's hiding the hedge. There, behind the tree.
Come on, slowly ... Uh! What a fright!.
We ha-ve catch you.
Children, tomorrow we return.
In silence is the place of their games.

  Dra. Abad