Ministerio de agricultura

122 x 80 cm.


CERES, Roman goddess of agriculture.
ARA, altar of sacrifices.
In honor of the divinity.
For the sake of truth, the great empires that preceded us
they worshiped the wealth that the land provided them.
Today the office of the great building is adored, the one that still
maintains, among so much remodeling, as the only defender of
that wealth.
Today they have the rope around their neck those who thought "better a Ha.
that ten thousand square meters."
Today we see what is happening in our land. His
prolongation reaches an uncertain future because of its darkness.
When you pass the door you can not see anything.
Chained to their decisions. But, if a link has been broken,
something has failed and is freed from submission.
The Earth is stronger and defends itself, they are not going to take it
sacrifice because someone has thought that it is worth breaking,
plow, sow and conserve. She is immense and so are her fruits.
The desire to protect her is reborn. It is not for sale.

MONCHOLC, until today. P. 120.
Dra. Abad