90 X 70 cm.

A jump to INFINITY. On our magic carpet of dreams, in silence, we peek into our reality, sometimes transformed because we need that is not only what we see.
We are fortunate because this time if it is what we see what you have translated into your reality find.
I discover my admiration for beauty, in the human and on earth.
In an attitude of gentle inclination, it hides the features that they could identify it, because that is not their intended intention. It makes us enjoy its qualities, invites
to tranquility. It is not submissive, but delicate. His inner strength merges with the nobility and gallantry of the
Basque land.
The immense landscape demands a close look, we cross the field, along a path or border the other.
It is Bermeo, yes we must discover it because it is not chance. A reminder to those men that from there they left for other destinations. And there, behind, where our look does not arrive, my Cantabrian sea is.
This property is nothing but my predilection for you.
It transmits the desired Nature and the naturalness of her beauty.
In an oversight our dreams have been realized.
What all right!
MONCHOLC, until today. P. 80
    Dra. Abad